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Quotes in Art Music & Theater The arts make us feel, lack of the arts leave us cold. Dancing helps us move more that just our feet, it lightens our hearts. Music gives inner energy and outward …

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Twizzlers & Testy Sizzlers!

A Twizzler diet started years ago,

I knew then it should’ve been “No!”

But it was  creamy chocolate and fat

That a choice was made to eat like that.

Image result for pictures of twizzlers

Then one day it was found

The twizzler habit was hanging around,

What to do didn’t come easy

Do I go back to something greasy?

Image result for pictures of twizzlers

It wasn’t just the fat you see,

That’d become important to me.

I loved the sweet, waxsey taste

That never made a string to waste.

Image result for pictures of twizzlers

Strawberry, watermelon I don’t care,

Give me a Twizzler with none to spare,

As my tongue touch each luscious strand,

I shake my head and wave my hand,

“Go away, go away you testy sizzlers,

I’ll never give-up my strawberry twizzlers!”

Image result for pictures of twizzlers

The Face Behind the Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire

It has only been a couple of weeks since I learned about a documentary entitled “The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire.”  Many questions came to mind:  Who are they?  Why are they unsung?  What does it mean to be unsung?  Who is the person claiming that they are “unsung?” 

Hang around, because .  .  .  this article will answer every question and more . . . .

Even though questions one, two and three precede question four, let’s begin with it . . . the face behind the unsung musicians of Motown.  Who is this guy?  What does he do?  What is he about?  His name . . . Duane Parham, who is he ? . . . let’s find out together!

Duane Parham – A Man with a Sax

Duane was born in Detroit, educated in Detroit’s schools, played in the streets of Detroit  and lives the spirit of Detroit.  He’s soft-spoken in word, but speaks loudly through the voice of his saxophone.  That voice is smooth, energizing and undulating . . . Undulating Lines  causing the listener to move with the sound, breathe with the rhythm, and whisper with the tones.

As my eyes riveted on the pages in front of me, a picture of this man began to formulate.  He is a performer and innovator of smooth jazz and rhythm and blues, a community activist and a contributor to the development of music throughout the world.  Take a peek at his official website and see why so many people love and support him.

Even though this entire article could be devoted to listing his accolades, talents and civic contributions, that is not its focus. It seeks to unmask the face behind the unsung musicians of Motown–how he defines them, why he is devoting time, energy and resources in supporting them and his vision for them.

Let’s begin by defining the word unsung.  According to Definitions.net,  unsung means “unappreciated, unvalued; not famous or acclaimed; not celebrated in song or verse; not praised.”   Using these meanings, Parham seems to be saying that there are many musicians of Motown that society has not celebrated, or given value to for the talents and services rendered by them.  Is it possible to correct that wrong?  If so, how?  Whom does he feel these unsung musicians are, and why does he feel that way?  These are questions only Parham can answer, and . . . this article will give him the opportunity to do so as I sit down with him in a one-on-one interview.

Sitting Down with Duane Parham

Mamie:  What is your earliest memory of music in general?
Duane:  At the age of—– I wanted to play in a band so that I would be noticed by the girls.  I could not play an instrument, so I joined a band as a singer.  Little did know that could not sing either . . . I found that out later when I discovered that the reason the band always played loudly, was so my voice could not be heard. 
Mamie:  How did you choose the saxophone as your instrument?
Mamie:  Did you play in any school bands?
Mamie:  What high school did you attend?
Duane:  Cooley High School of Detroit.  I graduated in 1969.
Mamie:  When did you realize you were a professional musician?
Mamie:  If you had to do it all over again, would you choose another professional?  
Duane:   No!  
Motown horn players, as well as percussionist, string artists and bass players, had a recognizable blues influenced sound with arrangements and limited instrumentation.  The style has been characterized by some as soulful with a distinct melody and chord structure and a call and response singing style that originated in gospel, but was influenced by pop music.

The term 

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“Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith

Having an Interview on Radio Can Be Beneficial to You as an Author! 

6-9-2010 3;27;15 PM


Join Dr. Mamie Smith Sundays from 5:00 pm (EST) to 6:00 pm @eamtradio.com and talk about you book on “Talk to the Author.”

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This Show is sponsored by Educational Arts Society, Inc. which has as its goal to build, maintain and provide music, art and theater lessons to students who can and cannot afford them; include them in a mentoring program with world renowned, successful musicians and offer encouragement in establishing  and building artistic awareness of the arts.  Targeted students must exhibit a cultivated interest is acquiring those skills through confidence, consistency and commitment.  Objectives include:

  • To establish and provide a school of the performing arts.
  • To provide instruments, art supplies and other related accessories.
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Important Facts:

Our Business Values

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What Authors Are Saying About “Talk to the Author!”

“When I was studying journalism, we were taught the five w’s and the h:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.  Your interview asked a good many “why’s,” something that isn’t often asked any more.  You made me think more carefully and, as a result, your interview was very interesting and got a lot more information from me than others might. In addition, I felt very comfortable because of the supportive atmosphere you created.”  Hildred Corbett – Michigan

Hi Mamie,

“Thank you! I loved how you talked about the story and characters. It was obvious you read it thoughtfully. I really enjoyed our conversation and some of my friends and family did too!
I have a student who has written a book. I’m hoping to get a copy from her to show you soon. Maybe you can interview her as well.”
Cathy Zucker – Rochester Hills, Michigan  
Bless you Mamie!  What a wonderful piece you did on my books!  You saw exactly what I wanted the books to do, make people think about how glorious the Almighty’s creations are and His willingness to let His creatures venture out on their own.  I am very excited to be doing your radio show.  Is that webpage up and running so I can spread the news among my followers etc?  I don’t want to steal your thunder but help promote.   Attorney John Higgins – New Jersey

Questions That Many Authors Ask:

Am I paying to make an appearance on the “Talk to the Author” Show?

No, you are making a nominal donation to a worthy cause to market yourself and your book to a worldwide audience in an effort to get the message of your book heard.   

Is it normal for authors to pay to have their books marketed?

Yes, publishing companies, publicity organizations, radio and TV stations charge thousands of dollars in order to market an author’s book.  Marketing your book is the business aspect not the creative side, and unless you market it, very few people will learn about it. 

What are some costs that authors incur when they market themselves and their books?

Many writers of press releases (some with no journalism experience) charge $300-$800 just to WRITE a press release.  A mini-blog that researches you and your book can cost as much as $1000-$3000.  

Do most radio station hosts research a book and author, prepare questions to give to authors so that they will feel comfortable coming on their shows and write a mini-blog for each author?

No, “Talk to the Author” host Dr. Mamie Smith is very unique in how she approaches authors who appear on the show.  Our experience is that most radio hosts simply bring you on and ask questions “off the top of their heads.”  You do not get any preparation except what you do on your own. 

I am uncomfortable paying or donating anything to an online station to let me come on their show because giving a donation does not guarantee someone will purchase my book.   So, should I do it?

No.  Your comfort level is  key to the success of your interview.  If you do not want to pay anything to market your book, your attitude will affect how you respond to the interview.  Market it yourself  via social media, personal contacts and  family and friends.  Marketing is not easy to get a “handle on” because the  results come in many stages and at various times.  However,  it has been proven that without it, the chances of successful recognition are very limited. 



PT Cruiser



I am a simple person, have a simple car ( a 2006 PT Cruiser) and follow simple directions.  I ask questions when I am not clear on things and give and expect honest answers.  With this in mind, on July 10, 2014 I traveled to  ROCHESTER HILLS – CHRYSLER – JEEP – DODGE at 1301 South Rochester Rd. Rochester Hills, Mi 48207, spoke with a heavy-set man seated on the right hand side of the room facing north and told him I needed my car serviced and also needed a visor mirror replaced on the driver’s side of my car.  The man, (whom I was told later that his name is Advisor Matt) sent me to the ordering department where an order was placed for a visor mirror at a cost of $144.00 plus tax and and additional $55 for installation.  After which, I was told to report to Chris for setting up an appointment to get it installed.   I went to Chris and an appointment was made for Monday, July 14, 2014.


Upon leaving Chris,  I approached the heavy-set guy again about having my car serviced because he did not address it the first time, but sent me immediately to the ordering department.  I explained that I was going to put the car on the road on July 18th and needed the air conditioner checked, tires checked and overall maintenance to determine if everything was working properly.  His response:


“I will not be able to take your car for two weeks  because we are booked up.”


“Ok, I live in Troy, so I will take it to a dealership there.”


“They won’t be able to take it either because they are sending us their cars.  Is your air conditioner working?”


“Yes, but I would like to know if it needs “freeon” or whatever so that it does not stop working while I am away.  I don’t want to have problems while on the road”


“If it is working now, it does not need freeon.  Trust me.”


“Well, I have heard that before. ”


“We can give you an oil change and check some things, but it will be two weeks before I can take your car.”


Trusting his information, I agreed to the ‘assembly line’ check.  This is a list of the items shown on Customer #123496–the receipt given to me by the dealership:


Change oil, replace filter

Top off washer solvent, top off trans. fluid

Top off Power steering fluid , check tire pressure

Replace lube sticker

Routine maintenance

Mopar oil change 2.4L EFI 03?09




On Monday, July 14th, I reported to Chris for installment of my visor.  After waiting for over an hour, Chris found me in the waiting room and told me the mirror was broken when it was unwrapped, and another order would have to be placed and should arrive by Wednesday.  We agreed on Thursday (because of my having prior commitments)for the installation .  The mirror was installed.  Momentarily, I questioned if the entire flap for the mirror was new, because there were dirty fingerprints on it.  Not wanting to be “picky” I decided I could remove them with a carpet cleanser and said nothing about it.


On Friday, July 18th, I left for my trip to Wisconsin.  A few minutes after getting there, my air conditioner had barely cool air coming from it.  Several Chrysler dealerships were called and only one agreed to look at it.  However, when I arrived there, he said it would be hours to look at it and 3 days for parts and repair.  The windows had to be lowered for the whole vacation and return trip.


On Sunday July 20, 2014,  as I was returning from the trip, about 20 miles from home, I heard a loud “pop” and smelled rubber.  Immediately,  my car became difficult to steer.  I put on my hazard lights and continued to drive.  By now it was between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm and I was alone in the car.  Finally, I reached home.


The next morning, I relayed the incident to Dave Robinson, the General Manager of Rochester Hills.  After which, he immediately defended the position his advisor had taken even though I was not sure of his name, but stated he would look into the situation and return my call.


About a couple of hours later, he returned the call and told me, that I only dealt with two people, Chris the person who gave the appointment and the person who ordered the visor. When I protested that, and said I could walk in the place and point out the person whom I had spoken to about the overall maintenance inspection, he said that was his advisor Matt, but his investigation revealed I worked with only two people.


“No, I dealt with at least three people,” I said.


“Well, if you did speak with Matt, he was only telling you the truth, we were backed up.”


“But you yourself said the backup time was 3 to 4 days, not two weeks.”


“Well, at that time, it was 2 weeks.”


“Why did he try to dissuade me from going to another dealership?”


“He was just telling you the truth, Troy was sending us their people.”


“Are you satisfied that you gave good service?”


“We gave no service, only the visor installation!”


“Sir, are you saying you have no record that you serviced my car?”


“Yes, my paperwork shows we ordered and installed a visor.”


“I have a paper that shows you serviced my car.”


“If you are talking about the oil change, yea, we did that.”  Hm-m-m, I wonder what his definition of service is.  Look at the services AGAIN that they performed!


“I am sorry for your trouble, but my advisors followed directions from me, all they did was tell you the truth.”


“Sir, put yourself in my place, if the same thing happened to you would you feel you got good service?”


“What I’m saying is my guys told you the truth and you did not want to hear it.”


“So you feel your company bears no responsibility for what has happened?”


“No, we don’t lie to our customers, we tell them the truth.”


“No one is asking you to lie, but answer my question, I did not ask you if you told the truth,  I asked if you thought I received good service from you?”


“Yes, because we did not service your car, and we told the truth.”


“Well sir, I will put this in my blog.”


“You make sure when you do so, you tell the truth!”


Now dear readers, I have told the truth.  How would you feel if the exact same thing happened to you?  Which would you prefer Rochester Chrysler’s version of truth or what you believe is good service?  Do you feel the company bore no responsibility?  Do you believe the employees gave good service?  You be the judge!


In the meantime, I will take my car to another dealership for servicing and seek another interpretation of . . .  the truth.


P.S.  I just called the Troy Motor Mall Chrysler Dealership and was also told “We are backed up!”  Back-up time — 3 to 4 days which is the number of days the General Manager at the Rochester Hills dealership said their back-up time was.  That is  . . . until he was reminded that his Advisor Matt said “two weeks.”  The time suddenly got longer — 2 weeks that day I was there!  Hm-m-m-m.






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