Quotes: An American Story: My Family and Yours

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“The things you see in others, are the same things you have in you!”

“No person is better or worse than another.  We are all governed by the thoughts held in consciousness.”

One Person’s Bondage Affects the Freedom of All.”

“The experiences you have, are based on the thoughts you hold.”

“Your self is what you see in another self.”

“The freedoms we share, are based on the freedoms we embrace.”

“What you believe, is who you are.”

 “Self-denial, imprisons the person denying.”


An American Story: My Family and Yours


 An American Story Book Cover


This book emerged from a person’s desire to leave a legacy for future generations, and in so doing, enable them to define their identity, underscore their birthright and enlarge their posterity.  It will reach into the annals of history and discover mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, sister and brothers who removed the branches of poverty, unwound the threads of discrimination and paved the way to success.

Briefly, the first chapter highlights the origin of slavery in America, its progression, slave resistance, and the political machine that guided slavery from forced labor, to forced labor generated by racism, greed and prejudice.

Following chapters reveal the author’s ever-expanding understanding of slavery and the American slave—a view that says, “I am proud of my ancestry and recognize that the success each African American enjoys in this country today,


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PRESS RELEASE: An American Story: My Family and Yours

An American Story Book Cover



The author, Dr. Mamie Smith tells a story that must be told.  It cuts across racial and ethnic lines and says, “This is the way it was or is!”

This book challenges the inner thought.  If you are a surface thinker… you will not like this book.  If you refuse to face reality…you will not like this book.  If you are hiding behind “The past is the past!” you will not like this book.  However, if you are willing to delve beneath the mask you have placed on your consciousness, you will not only enjoy this message, you will grow with it, expound on it and maybe write a book of your own.

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