Each day as we deal with chores, obligations and business transactions, it becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate the clutter either already in thought, someone trying to place it in thought, or irritation because circumstances place it in thought.  The simplest of jobs can be challenging as pressure to keep oneself focused mounts.  When daily  activities begin to weigh heavily, I put mental brakes on, and reverse the mode of thought.


I am having to do that right now after confirming an appointment to get an estimate for window replacements.


The person was seeking to force me to reveal information that I did not feel necessary to give. I was able to keep her at a distance, but had to free myself of the annoyance afterwards.  I simply thought of one word .  .   .  “love.”  Mentally repeating it over-and-over, I could feel stress released, and a sense of calm settle over me.


This week, let all of us put up our mental hands, and say to pressure, criticism and annoyance, “This far, and no farther.”


Have a good one!


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