How the disciples of Christian Science cope with fatal illness.

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Posted August 29, 2008, 2:45 AM EST: I am always curious about the principles of Christian Science and wonder how the disciples of Christian Science would cope physically and psychologically when they themselves and their loved ones are struck by the fatal illness such as cancer. As one of the Christian Science people Mamie L. Smith shed light on the uniqueness of her faith to the readers of her book, THE UNFOLDING OF A ROSE, by explaining how her faith in Christian Science sustains her through her hardship and sadness of losing her daughter to cancer. After Meta, her daughter, passed away she picks up pieces of their business and continue on. Smith is an educator and a businesswoman and she neither claims that she is a scholar in Christian Science nor a professional writer. Yet this book is worth reading as a well composed case study of Christian Science belief and practice. My dear Mamie Smith, I am glad I read your book!

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Posted June 17, 2008, 10:53 AM EST: Mamie L. Smith in her book ‘The Unfolding of A Rose’ opened my eyes to the weakness in my faith and to the strength, courage and grace shown by the author. The author lost her beautiful Rose while she was in full bloom but Meta’s grace and courage lingers like perfumed air.

A Reader of The Unfolding of a Rose

Good morning Mamie:
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I am certain you were
personally healed while writing about “The Unfolding of A Rose”, because I
was healed while reading it, as I am sure other readers will experience as
well! This writing made me cry, laugh, gave me joy and hope. Your daughter
gave so much of herself while servicing her clients (family and friends). I
have yet to find a salesperson such as Meta’s lovely spirit. I am still
wearing so many of the beautiful accessories (earrings, dresses, suits,
coats and hats) that Meta sought out for my personal use. Compliments and
admirations have not ceased on the purchases that I utilize that Meta
selected for me with her savvy eye for fashion; and, I will never forget the
wonderful conversations, kindness and love that she showed to me during our
relationship. Keep hope alive in your writings and please know that Meta
will never be forgotten. In my opinion, this book is a success! Give my
regards to your Granddaughter! May God continue to bless you and yours.
Love always!

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday. We share the same date – – October 19th. I
am blessed to have turned 60 years old, in good health, saved, sanctified
and filled with the Holy Ghost. Let’s give God the Glory for the gift of
continued life. Love back!


Your Country Music Festival Must Be Planned

Your Country Music Festival  Must Be Planned

Sing Along with Us!

A visit to a country music festival is becoming more and more popular in the lives of many fans. They see it as an opportunity to not only listen to several of their favorite artists in one location, but an opportunity to get a well-deserved vacation as well. The surrounding areas for many festival locations provide beautiful scenery, historical attractions, sumptuous eating places and upscale resorts. Using Jambase.Com to carefully select a festival can make your experience an enjoyable one.

Typically music festivals are held during summer months—May to September, but with the level of sophistication today, fall festivals are on the rise. The primary role of a festival is fun, fun, and more fun! So, in order to have that fun, careful planning is essential. The first step is to nail down your budget and work everything else accordingly.

A Country Music Festival Loves Brad Paisley

Enjoy the Day.

Make Your Music Festival a Vacation

Combining a festival with vacation can be a delightful experience! Well-planned festival seekers explore tons of information, view site maps, take-in videos, view picture galleries and check-out nearby restaurants. Landing a location near mammoth mountains and calm waters can be a needed change of pace from the festival’s boot-kicking and hand-slapping performances.

Another idea could be to do the festival first and vacation second. Lying in a comfortable bed in a hotel room for a day or two after a “swinging” good time at a festival, is a welcomed sight to tired legs and aching feet. Use the vacation time to relax, feel safe and let life’s worries drift away. Take in the beauty and serenity of cities and islands. Be ready to rub shoulders with the natives, relax over dinner and wind down. You deserve it!

Check out the cost of tickets, what is included with the ticket, showcasing of artists, sleeping arrangements and the distance between the stage and those arrangements. Are tent accommodations your specialty or are hotel accommodations a good fit? These ingredients are key factors in determining whether your festival is fun-filled or filled with glitches.

A summer country music festival is a must for country lovers. So . . . grab your money, tent, sunglasses and get ready to sing along.

Country Music Festival Video

Say Hello Diamonds

Country Music Singers: Personal Lives and Paying It Forward

country (1)Country music singers can appear one way to the outside world, and another way to those with whom they have close relationships. As fans or country music lovers, it is easy to forget that the artists we see on the TV screen in our family rooms, or the “big screen” at the movies are people just like us.   countrymusicisloveThere is one exception—they “scored it big” with their talents, but humanly, they have the same hurts, pains, likes, dislikes or loves as everyone else. In many instances, the country music songs they sing tell the world what is going on in their souls. Listen and you will hear!

Just as we enjoy touching the lives of people in a positive way, so do country music singers. Having this awareness is the focal point of this article. It takes a look at the personal lives of artists, who they were before, during and after fame and fortune, and how they use their wealth, knowledge and connections to impact the lives of others.

Personal Life Defined

How does one describe an individual’s personal life? Wikipedia says, “In modern times, many people have come to think of their personal lives as separate from work. Work and recreation are distinct; one is either on the job or not, and the transition is abrupt.” The definition makes a distinction between being on the job and not being on the job. Being on the job seems to dictate one method of behavior, while off the job signals another. Once the job is clearly known, the behavior when one is there should be different from the behavior when one is not there.

Personality, on the other hand, defines the core of a person’s being—his individuality. Unless he is especially clever in deception, observation of habitual patterns and qualities of behavior give a glimpse of who a person really is. Watch the attitude! Check out the physical nuances, and soon, the real person shines through.

Society equates financial success and prestige with good character and sound moral values. One has nothing to do with the other. A DUI for a country music singer should not make the headlines if a DUI for “Joe Blow” does not make the headlines.

There are those who would argue “That’s the price you pay for fortune and fame,” or “Fortune and fame are only placed on broad shoulders, wear them carefully.” The flip side of that argument is “As long as I give you great music, what I do outside of that, is my business and not your concern.” Should character, conduct and motives be private? Such a question is food for thought and not the focus of this article.

The underlying principle that governs what one does on the job, should govern his motives and actions outside of the job. There are consequences for all actions—famous or non-famous, rich or poor.

Paying It Forward

The phrase “paying it forward” is tossed around in today’s conversations like a basket ball in a “play-off” game. What does it mean? How does it apply to country music singers?

I read several definitions before writing this article, and the one many readers chose was: “When something, usually good, happens to you, you turn around and do something good for someone else. Instead of paying something “back” you are paying it “forward” on to the next person.”

The writer is simply saying one kind act done to you, deserves your doing a kind act to someone else, not necessarily the person who did it to you. It is simply the Golden Rule jazzed up a bit. Now that we are all on the same page with the meaning, the question arises, “Do you believe country music singers pay it forward?” This article takes the position that they do. Millions of fans pay it forward by buying the artists’ CDs and DVDs. How do the artists respond?

Five Ways Country Music Singers

Pay It Forward

1. Support of numerous of charitable organizations.

2. Promote and help other struggling artists achieve success.

3. Become role models for youth in deprived communities.

4. Share personal failures in their lives so that others may avoid the same mistakes.

5. Develop networks that help others to establish the core values that bring happiness and success.

Most country music singers who achieve success do not get there without many human sacrifices. These sacrifices help to mold and shape their personalities, define their ideologies and determine their core values.

Behind the glitter of stardom, many have fragile souls that are ripped apart by gossip, headlines and unthinking individuals who have not learned what it means to “pay it forward” themselves. Money has no power to heal the pain and mend the broken-hearted. It simply allows one to purchase “things.”

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The Affects of the Personal Life
of a Country Music Singers

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I have written on many discussion forums, websites and blogs, but have not written about a man more loved as a journalist as this guy.  Why do I feel the impulse to write this blog?   Read on  .   .   .      I am a first-time writer, musician and business woman.  My book, “The Unfolding of a Rose” can be found on many sites in this country and abroad.  Today, I write about a man people loved and respected around the globe–Walter Cronkite.

Walter Cronkite – “And That’s the Way It Was!”

I sat today watching, believing, trusting, and holding on to every word as I had done many times before–from  my earliest memories of television to today’s sophisticated blogs, twitters and videos.  As each person placed his experiences with Walter Cronkite in a mental book of respect, honor and humor, I began to ask myself what  was  it that made me believe this man?  Was it his voice, his mannerisms, or the look in his eyes as he spoke?  No!  It was not what you saw, but what you felt!  You heard his story and deep within, you knew it could be trusted.

There was no sensationalism, misrepresentation of the truth, or the using of words to foster a political agenda.  He reported the truth, not tried to MAKE the truth.

We sat at our dinner tables and waited for a picture of what happened to come to us.  When it did, we accepted it.  Journalism of today, can take a lens out of the camera of Walter Cronkite’s picture of life.  Truth is not reached by keeping the ultimate meaning of justice in the eyes of the beholder, but by seeking a truth beyond human vision and understanding.  When you do this, you arrive at what the ultimate of truth is.  The challenge is to view every human situation, condition and experience with sincerity, honesty and integrity, even when these qualities seem illusive.

Cronkite lived from 1916 to 2009.  In those ninety-two years, he asked many questions, heard many answers and reported many stories.  His story is summed up in the words he used at the end of each broadcast, “and that’s the way it was.”  I say of this man, he personified a truth weighed with wisdom, balanced in faith and inspired by hope — another way of saying the same thing.

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