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Free downloads are a selling tool that many site owners use to get visitors, but what is the quality of these downloads? Who are the artists and what kind of songs are they singing? Finally, what is a free download? This article will look at these questions and seek answers that are valuable to country music seekers looking for good music to download freely.

What is a Free Download?

Downloads are very important to many web seekers. They are looking for favorite artists singing their favorite songs. As I maneuver around the web, I see “free downloads” that would not be worth my time and effort to download. I do not know the artists and . . . the music is far from my version of good country music. “Free” in this instance, has no motivational qualities. I equate it to the store that has huge “FOR SALE” signs plastered all over the windows, but when you stop, park your car and go in, everything in the store is crap.

Is Anything Free?ForSaleSign

There is an adage that says, “Nothing is free! Somebody pays!”

This statement seems to be true in most scenarios, but is it true in downloading country music? What is a free download? The term “download” is the ability of a person to transfer data from another computer, site or email to his own computer, usually the internet. It contrasts with “upload” which means a person sends data from his computer to someone else’s computer. The word “free” means unrestricted, unleashed or unfettered. Combining the definitions, “free download” means the act of electronically transferring data from another person’s computer via a site, file or email to your own computer without any restrictions.

Have you ever read an ad announcing something free and when you actually tried to download it, you found the download was free, but to get the information, you had to commit your credit card to a certain amount? I call that commitment a restriction. Watch for this kind of “selective advertising.”

Today, I read that one could get a download of 15 million songs free. Now, I am sure this was not meant for one computer, but my first reaction was “How long would it take a person to listen to 15 million songs? Who would use that much space on a hard drive? Why am I raising these issues?

I am doing so because many ads are not what they appear to be. It’s called “creative advertising” and is designed to get a positive response from you whether you get a positive reaction or not. Just because something is free, does not mean it is something you should place on your computer. Thus, this page will link you to sites that have been carefully selected for their quality and quantity of country music. There are no hidden agendas.

This site will provide a list of sites with the best, top-rated classic and new country music artists and songs on the net.

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