Country Music: A Site that Keeps You Posted!

Country Music Heart and Soul Downloads Your Heart and Uploads Your Soul

Months of searching for a country music heart and soul site finally paid off. You have found a site that brings back classic, honky-tonk and soul music–music that digs deep, exposes and moves the dust of everyday life from your soul. It tells the American way of life through ballads–sometimes brutal, but always direct and honest. Don’t expect to hear bland, commercial, “everybody sounds the same” music, it simply isn’t here!   countrymusicislove

Country music is soothing, magical! It shares your loneliness, massages your broken heart and voices your life struggles. It could be a song written in the 1920s or one written yesterday. The underlying message is the same–emotions. These emotions tell a story–a story of heartache, sadness, pain and suffering.

This music connects with the listeners at many levels—levels that speak of war, lost loved ones, new frontiers, old homes left behind, prison stretches, or broken hearts. That “sound and feeling” is always there. You hear it? Recognize it! It tugs at your heartstrings!

Growing Up with Soul

Did you grow up with soulful music? I did! It swirled around me throughout the day—every day—on my dad’s little ol’ country radio. I hummed with the vocalists, swayed with the guitarists, and sashayed with the fiddlers. I understand your love for the good old stuff. It opens up your wounds to the world. The world validates them, but surprisingly, does not judge them. Country music soul . . . is you!

The Sound and Groove of Heart and Soul

The sound is reflective and energetic! It causes you to think long and hard about past and present experiences and . . . the impact these could have in the future. You spill out your heart, brush off your tears and seek redemption. The words speak it, the music supports it, and you get it.

The roots of country music heart and soul are buried in America—telling a story—a story with depth, devotion and sincerity. That is what this site is about . . . wanna’ share it?